We take a fresh approach to supporting employees and agencies in the public sector through our innovative series of training programs.

Each of our programs is focused on specific classification levels – from graduates and Executive Assistants through the APS and Executive 1 and 2 Levels to the Senior Executive Service.

Our programs are designed to be the ‘real deal’ – focussed on real public sector workplaces and delivering immediate results on the ground. They include the critical ‘soft skills’ that make all the difference in successful teams and careers.

We deliver practical, authentic and evidence-based training, with a good dash of personal anecdotes and humour!

We work closely with our clients to tailor each training course to their exact requirements, including developing new programs as needed.

Our core training courses include:

APS Levels


How to impress in the APS

APS 4-6s

Aim for success in the APS

Executive Assistants

How to be an exceptional executive assistant.

All APS & EL Levels

Real writing in the APS.
How to be an exceptional policy officer

Executive Levels


How to be an outstanding EL1


How to be an outstanding EL2

EL1 and EL2

Truly effective stakeholder consultation

SES Cohort

How to Impress in the SES

Women at All Levels

Working Mums

How to de-stress and thrive in the APS

Dress for Success in the APS

Dress for success in the APS

You Go Girl!

How to do build your confidence and your career.

Contact us to discuss how we can provide your team with training tailored to your particular needs!


Graduate Training – How to Impress in the APS’

“Louise delivered a session on ‘How to Impress in the APS’ on my first day as a Graduate in the APS. The session was a fantastic start to my APS career, as the session went beyond the standard introduction and provided me with invaluable knowledge about what really matters and what’s really important in building a career in the APS. Louise has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and provided practical guidance and advice on a range of things including how to interact with people at all levels of the APS, how to have confidence to voice your views in meetings, the importance of working for inspirational people and the importance of work/life balance. This was a fantastic session which Louise presented with professionalism, energy, enthusiasm and a good sense of humour. I highly recommend this session!”

Leah Palamountain, Government Lawyer, Safe Work Australia

“The training has provided me with invaluable skills and the confidence to thrive in the public sector. It has been almost four years (three job changes in between) and I still regularly reflect on the core principles taught”

 Lynn Nguyen. Policy Officer, Department of the Premier and Cabinet SA

“I found the training to be practical and gave me fundamental skills to not only achieve my goals in the public sector, but to also take these learnings with me throughout my career. I felt that my transition into different roles in the public and private sector would not have been as successful if I didn’t have the confidence in the skills I gained through the training.”

Jara Lazarte, Senior Analyst, Deloitte Access Economics

When I commenced on the APS as a graduate, I was very fortunate to benefit from some excellent training from Louise about how to impress in the APS. Her training went beyond the standard introduction to working in the APS to reveal the range of soft skills, behaviours and top tips for how to have a successful career. I have relied on her advice many times during my career to date and am always grateful for the great foundation it gave me. I highly recommend this training for all new graduates!”

Matt Badrock, APS6, DEWR

Louise brought gravitas and a depth and breadth of policy experience to her facilitation of the How to be a great policy officer training course, reflective of her lengthy and varied APS career. Her deep understanding of government business enables her to see policy issues from a range of different perspectives and unpack them with clarity and curiosity. Her people skills enable her to design and lead engaging courses and inclusive productive discussions. I also had the good fortune of working directly with Louise on a national strategy, with the added benefit of her informal coaching on the side, which I value to this day

Polly Obst,  Director (Executive Level 2), Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care